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10 Affordable Romantic Caribbean Honeymoon Resorts

10 Affordable Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in the Caribbean

With an abundance of resorts in the Caribbean, brides and grooms have choices of thousands of resorts to honeymoon at. There is a resort for every budget but not every honeymoon has to break the bank.  Budget resorts are available but may not offer amenities or services that make this once in a lifetime trip a truly memorable experience.

On the reverse side, there are many five star resorts that offer the highest amenities and services but push the cost of a honeymoon well over $10,000 and higher.

And then there are middle of the road resorts that offer good service, food and romance at a reasonable price. Here are some of our favorite resorts that we've received great feedback on and can be had for under $5000 with air from New York if you are not booking during a holiday week.

1. Bucuti Beach Resort and Spa, Aruba. This adults only haven in the low rise section of Aruba is an intimate resort featuring 58 guest rooms and 48 suites on a beautiful beach named as one of the top 100 Dream Beaches of the World. This resort has won numerous awards year after year as one of the best honeymoon resorts. This resort is not all inclusive but does offers rates with breakfast.

2. Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia.  All Sandals resorts are adults only and Halcyon is the most intimate of the three in St. Lucia. With only 169 rooms and lush lovely gardens in a beachfront setting, this is a romantic resort with an added plus- you can also use the two other Sandals resorts in St. Lucia via the free shuttle that goes back and forth between the three hotels.

3. Excellence Punta Cana. Another adults only resort about 45 minutes from the airport, this romantic resort is secluded yet not isolated.  The resort is on a nice stretch of beach and has affordable swim up suites for an extra bit of luxury of your honeymoon.

4. Valentin Imperial Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico. This adults only all inclusive resort in Riviera Maya boasts some of the largest rooms of any resort in Mexico. Food is excellent and the beach is one of the nicer ones in this area. This resort could be a five star resort if the service was better but it affords one of the best values you'll find.

5. El Dorado Maroma, Riviera Maya Mexico. This resort is on the higher end of the $5000 spectrum but is located on one of the best beaches in the world. Adults only, El Dorado resorts offer some on the best cuisine you'll find at an all inclusive resort.
The Gourmet Inclusive resort experience offers unique dining experiences, around the clock service, a full service spa, and a variety of activities available for all guests.

6. LeBlanc Resort and Spa, Cancun Mexico. This adults only resort offers a sophisticated style, lavish personal attention and contemporary decorations in it's 260 rooms. The Spa is one  of the most special in Cancun, even offering a fish spa pedicure. The pricing is in the higher of the spectrum but every room includes butler service, turndown service, a bottle of wine on arrival, and pillow and aromatherapy menus. There are four upscale restaurants and an outdoor pizza oven. The beach is a beautiful white sand beach.

7. Couples Tower Isle, Montego Bay, Jamaica. This property was totally refurbished a few years ago and we've received rave reviews from honeymooners who have stayed here. All 226 rooms have flatscreen t.v. 's and enhancements have been made to the main pool, lobby, piano bar, a new wedding gazebo, veggie and juice bar, pool grill, spa with 10 treatment rooms, a new pool and gym.

8. Round Hill Hotel and Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This hotel is one of the most famous in Jamaica and has been in existence for years. As you walk around the public areas such as the restaurants you'll see pictures of the many celebrities who have stayed here, from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, a young Paul McCartney, and British Royalty. It is in a secluded area of MBJ, this resort is very different, featuring 36 oceanfront guest rooms and 26 villas that can be rented as private homes with staff or a spacious villa rental.

9. Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Completely encompassed by the azure of the Caribbean, Secrets St. James Montego Bay sits serenly on over a half mile of private beach on the Montego Bay peninsula. With 350 suites, this adults-only resort features 24 hour room service, endless daytime and nighttime activities, a world class spa, seven restaurants, unlimited premium brand beverages , a theater and impeccable service.

10. Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Iberostar has three all inclusive resorts on one property and Iberostar Grand is the adults only section of the resort. Staying here allows you to use all three of the properties- Grand, Suites and Beach. The Grand is the newest and most lavish of the three properties with good sized rooms and some of the most beautiful and spacious bathrooms we've ever seen.  The restaurant food is very good, there is a very nice pool here with a swim up bar and nice beach.

We have pictures on our Pinterest page of many of these resorts, feel free to take a look at them:

Then call us to book your honeymoon or destination wedding- we are certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists and will find the perfect honeymoon for you. 516-608-0568.

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Why NOT Use a Travel Agent?

I am often surprised with how many people don't think about booking with a travel agent, or even know what it is like to book with a travel agent or the advantages to using one. But why NOT book with us?

1. First of all - it doesn't cost you anything. We do not charge you fees to book with us when you book a package that includes air and a hotel or resort, or a cruise, or air and a cruise.
2. We have expertise most travelers do not have. Ask me about a hotel or resort you are considering, I can usually tell you off the top of my head if the hotel is a good one or not. We don't mince words - if the hotel you are looking at is a party zone where you aren't going to sleep all night from the noise, we will tell you. If the hotel isn't in a safe area - we will tell you. If the hotel isn't clean or the food is lousy - we'll tell you. In contrast, we will also recommend good hotels too.
3. Our prices are often the same or lower than you can find online. Did you know that we book resorts through the same supplier as some of the largest brick and mortar agencies, so we have the same prices they have?
4. We often can provide more value to you than booking on your own. We know many of the hotel or resort sales managers and can get perks for you at your hotel. You can't get that booking online.

We have stolen more clients that want to go to Greece from other suppliers because we have a fantastic supplier that throws in a lot of freebies at no extra charge. We ask those clients to send us the quote they have gotten from the other suppliers to try and match it and always our prices come out a little less but with a lot of perks, such as a bottle of wine or a hotel massage, that the other suppliers aren't giving. So who gets more for their money? Our clients.

We often contact the hotel managers when our clients are traveling to introduce the clients and they add little gifts to the room. All because we develop a rapport with the hotels that treat our clients well.

5. When a hotel is overbooked (and it happens a lot!) do you know which guests are the ones that get the rooms that are available? The guests that pay the most. So if you have booked at one of the cheap online agencies, you will be the one who may be moved to another hotel to make room for the guests who have booked at higher prices either through the hotel directly or through a supplier.

6. We know the cabins to avoid when booking cruises.

7. If something happens while you are traveling, you can call us to help. Were your flights canceled at the last minute? While everyone else at the airport is standing online scrambling to get on another flight, all you have to do is call us and we do all the work. Sit back and relax while we do the work for you.

Did the hotel give you the room category when you arrived? Call us, we can fix it WHILE you are there. Don't suffer and wait until you get home and try to get a refund - you call us and we get it fixed while you are there.

8. Just because you have priced your vacation already on the internet but haven't booked doesn't mean you can't contact us. We love it when people have done their homework and have priced a vacation. We can tell you honestly if we can meet or beat it and if we can't beat it, we will tell you. If we can match the price, why wouldn't you book with us and have an advocate on your side?

We've had several people who have priced with a large agency that has three letters call us to see if we could do better on vacations. One was a cruise we had the exact same pricing on but were able to get an onboard credit for the clients. Another was a land vacation that we had a supplier that had better pricing. So never assume that because you are a member of a travel club that you are always getting the best price.

9. When you book a cruise or vacation, we keep an eye on pricing. If pricing goes down before your final payment is due and it is not for a new booking, we get that lower price for you.

10. Unless you are booking a vacation less than 60 days before traveling, in most cases you only have to make a deposit for your trip and you pay the balance as the trip date gets closer. When you book through an online agency, you have to pay in full when you book. (Please note - if we are price matching a vacation for you, we also have to match the terms so if your supplier requires full payment at time of booking).

So why wouldn't you book your trip through a travel agency? We work FOR you to make sure you are getting the best value. Call us - 516-608-0568.

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Club MoBay Jamaica - Be Treated Like a VIP!

ClubMoBay – You don’t have to be rich to be treated with kid gloves!
Would you like a VIP airport experience in Jamaica? If you do, Club MoBay is perfect for you – you no longer have to be an elite flyer to be treated like one!

With  VIP Arrival  “Meet and Greet” Service you will be:
•     Greeted upon arrival by a trained representative
•     Escorted & Fast tracked through Customs & Immigration
•     Provided with information about arrival and departure procedures
•     Dedicated seating area while being  assisted with luggage retrieval
•     Coordinate and accompany you to the Arrivals lounge while you wait for your ground transportation
      (Transportation to your destination NOT included in the service)
•     Arrivals lounge which features:
*     Comfortable Seating
*     Complimentary WiFI
*      Complimentary snacks and beverages
*      Private restroom & changing facilities
*      Newspapers & Magazines

If you purchase Club MoBay services for your return flight, skip the long lines and enjoy:

•   Fast-track privileges through Immigration & Security
•   Complimentary refreshment of fresh fruits, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, tapas, & patties
•   Pickney Place, a one-of-a kind sound  proof children's play room
•   Complimentary alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages (hot/cold)
•   Unlimited WiFi & Fully equipped Digicel business center
•   Culturally themed, sound-proof children’s play area
•   Adult only lounge
•   Shower facilities
•   Electronic games on Samsung Galaxy Tablets
•   Free phone calls to the USA, Canada, and UK landlines
•   Complimentary access to VIBES smoking lounge on main concourse
•   Mango Spa with mini treatments for purchase
•   Magazines and daily local newspapers
(Transportation to the airport NOT included in the service)

What is the cost? As of April 1, 2014, arrival service is $50 per person and departure service is $30 per person for Club MoBay. Call us for more information or to book - 516-608-0568

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Travel Insurance - 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

The U.S. Travel Insurance Association recently released results of a consumer survey and found one in six Americans have had their travel plans impacted by medical conditions, mechanical or carrier caused problems or natural disasters (including severe weather). Fewer than one in four had purchased travel insurance to cover their trip for these issues. 85% of travelers who purchased travel insurance and were impacted by one of the above were satisfied with their purchase.

Many people say they don't need travel insurance because they are young.  Yet they don't think about what could happen if they get sick while on a trip. Thousands of travelers need medical help while traveling. Most U.S. health insurance policies will not provide coverage if you have to visit a hospital or doctor outside the U.S. and with the new health care initiatives, we are also seeing travelers with insurance that won't cover them if they get sick outside their home state.

What if you are on a cruise ship and trip and fall and sprain or break a bone? Did you know that the ships doctor charges a fee for a visit and x-rays? It isn't included in the price of your trip.  Maybe you are renting a moped in a foreign country and have an accident and have to be taken to a hospital. Did you know the hospital won't discharge you until you pay your bill?  What if you have a heart attack on a cruise ship and have to be evacuated by helicopter off the ship and brought to a foreign hospital? Can you afford not only the evacuation, but the costs of your spouse or traveling companion to accompany you, stay in a hotel while you are hospitalized and get emergency flights home? These are actual incidents some of our clients have faced when traveling that travel insurance could reimburse them for.

The U.S. State Department issued an alert a few weeks before the Winter Olympics advising travelers to consider purchasing private medical evacuation insurance because the medical infrastructure in Sochi was untested to handle the volume of visitors expected to arrive for the Olympics.

There are three questions to ask yourself after you have made a deposit on a trip to determine if you should buy insurance.

1. Can I afford to lose all or part of the money I have paid upfront for my vacation if I become ill, an immediate family member is seriously ill or dies, weather impacts my leaving or the destination I am traveling to or a natural disaster occurs?
2. How will I pay for the doctor or a hospital in a foreign country if I become ill during travel? If I have to be evacuated from a ship or place I am at, can I afford to pay for the evacuation (which can cost over six figures).
3. Will the airline, cruise or tour company refund all my money if I become ill at the last minute, have a traffic accident on my way to the airport, etc?

Travel insurance can cover all of these non-refundable payments. In addition, if you have a pre-exisiting medical condition, you usually must purchase insurance when you make your deposit or within a two to three week time frame after you make your deposit, depending on the company used for insurance.

The small investment that you make to purchase travel insurance could save you thousands of dollars if something happens while you are traveling. If you can answer yes to all three questions above - you may not need travel insurance. If you answer no to any of them, contact us for more information on protecting yourself with insurance. We can find a policy for you even if you have booked your travel on your own.

Call us - 516-608-0568

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Fair Trade Artists - Why?

Have you heard the words "fair trade" products or co-operatives and wonder what the heck people are talking about? Have you had the opportunity to purchase a fair trade product?  We can give you that option of purchasing fashion accessories that are fair trade items and tell you just how and why these purchases help the artists who create them.

A fair trade co-operative is a group of men and women working in a country (and yes, it can be right here in the U.S.) who are given the opportunity to handcraft items and earn a living wage to provide  for their families.  This is an alternate to buying cheap items from sweat shops where adults and children work for virtually nothing.

Traveling throughout the world, we have seen countries that are so poor children sell shells on the streets to try to earn  money.  We've also been in countries where we brought clothing and school items to give to the locals.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than traveling through a country and see the abject poverty that some people live in while we are enjoying vacationing in their country.  We decided we wanted to try to make a difference to some talented artists working at a fair trade co-operative.

We have partnered with a company that sells handmade accessories made of 100% recycled aluminum pull tabs by fair trade artists located in Brazil.  We have handbags and necklaces that all contain a hangtag with the signature of the artist who made it - and you can read their biographies online and even send a thank you note to them that will be translated to Portugese for them to read.

Our items start at $25 for necklaces and bracelets and up to $110 for handbags.  We have received so many compliments and "where did you get that" when we use our handbags. From cell phone holders to  mini-clutches to shoulder bags, we have a size for everyone.

Please check our website for these items and help give back to these talented artists.  Call us at 516-608-0568 for more information.

Credit Card Case - comes in several colors and plain silver.$24 plus tax and shipping.

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Hotel Review - Valentin Maya - Riviera Maya, Mexico

For wise travelers looking for value, the Valentin Maya adults only all inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico is an outstanding choice. Located on Riviera Maya just south of Cancun the resort is about 35 minutes from the Cancun airport. The property is huge and the rooms are among the largest you'll find at a resort - entry level rooms are junior suites with plenty of room and one of the largest bathrooms we've seen.  The Riviera Maya is not known for outstanding beaches, but the Valentin had a great beach with none of the artificial reefs that look so horrendous off shore. You'll have relaxation and romance here.

The land the resort sits on is very large and secluded.  There are 14 buildings spread throughout the property and most offer seclusion and quiet. There are 524 junior suites with balconies or terraces and 16 suites. Room categories start at Deluxe Junior Suites that are 516 sq. feet with garden views and either a king or two double beds. The Silver Suites are the same size but with a garden or pool view and have king sized beds. Golden Junior Suites are 656 sq. feet, overlook the pool and have balconies. Golden swim up suites are the same size with oversized terraces on the ground floor where you can enter the pool from our room  between buildings 6, 7 and 8. Emerald Suites are 624 square feet and are located on the beach in buildings 9-14. Diamond suites measure 1.032 square feet and have a separate living room, roof terrace and include Privilege amenities (more about that later) and are in buildings 1 - 5 (not on the ocean) . Finally, Imperial suites are the same size as the Diamond suite and are corner rooms located in buildings 2 - 8 and also have roof terraces and Privilege amenities.

Each room has the following amenities included:
  • Private furnished terrace or balcony
  • Full marble bathrooms
  • Separate shower cabin
  • Separate Toilet
  • Vanity mirror
  • Hair dryer & Scale
  • Bathrobes (& Slippers upon request)
  • Phone in bathroom
  • Satellite TV
  • Air Conditioning with in-room climate control & Ceiling fan
  • Radio/Alarm Clock with I-Pod dock
  • Direct dial telephone with voice mail
  • Free Internet connection (Wall)
  • Free electronic in-room safe (up to 15" laptop size)
  • Coffee/tea maker set
  • Mini bar
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Turn down service available in Silver, Golden, Golden Swim up,
    Emerald, Diamond and Imperial categories
  • Umbrella 

The Valentin Privilege amenities is an interesting concept that you can have even without staying in the Diamond or Imperial suites. As of the time of our visit, anyone could pay $60 per person per day extra and receive the following additional amenities:

  • Private check-in and check-out at the Valentin Privilege Club.
  • Pre Arrival Concierge services at
  • Early check-in and late check-out (subject to availability).
  • Daily newspaper room delivery
  • Fruit platter & petits fours once per stay
  • In room fresh flowers once per stay
  • Bottle of sparkling wine in room upon arrival
  • Tailored Minibar (Your selection of Premium drinks out of our Privilege Menu)
  • Beach bag
  • Lobster included at Lobster and Seafood Grill (no extra fees).
  • Restaurant reservations through Privilege Lounge Concierge if desired
  • Reserved lounge chairs under guests name at pool OR beach
  • Exclusive access to privilege lounge (7:00am – 11:00pm) with:
    • WiFi service
    • Concierge service
    • Ultra premium bar service
    • Snacks at Privilege Club (5:00 pm – 7:00pm)
There are palapas on the beach and around the pool that will be reserved for your use only. You'll find your name on the palapa so that no one else can use it.  We did not have these extras but we never had a problem finding a lounge chair around the pool or a palapa (if we were up early enough) for the "ordinary folk". The pool is huge, one of the largest in Mexico so lounge chairs weren't an issue when we visited.

The high points of this resort:
- The rooms size. The rooms and bathrooms are huge with plenty of storage space and plenty of room to spread out.
- Cleanliness - rooms and floors were very clean, restaurants were clean, grounds were well maintained.
- Quiet and romantic. No screaming kids or loud partying adults.
- Excellent food. We didn't have a bad meal, in the restaurants or the buffet. Even the coffee was good.
- Friendly staff - always had a smile and a hello.
- Beautiful chapel on property. If you are Catholic and looking for a Destination Wedding, the chapel is just beautiful here.
- Grounds - the grounds are gorgeous. There is much greenery and tropical plants. We loved the privacy of our balcony with our gardenview from building five.
- Many options for activities. There are two scheduled bike rides around the property daily, lots of pool activities (even a water ballet show!) and activities and shows at night. Some were very corny but funny.
- Beautiful beach. Take a walk down the beach and walk to the left - you'll find plenty of lounge chairs on the beach.
- The optional Valentin Privilege package. If you like to be treated like gold, book the package if you aren't staying in one of the room categories that offers it. Nice beach and pool palapas reserved just for those with the package.
- Daily replenishment of the mini bar in your room.
- Extensive room service menu. Probably the biggest menu I've ever seen at a hotel for room service.
- The value for your dollar. You won't find a resort this nice for this price point.

The resort advertises itself as a five star resort. We didn't feel that it warrants a five star rating for several reasons that all point to service. Let me preface this by saying as travel agents, we make note of things that many people would never notice. We have to for our clients so no one comes back unpleasantly surprised  so we are much more critical than an ordinary traveler. And I will also say that we met many guests who are repeat customers and come back to Valentin over and over. These are the issues we found:

- The terry cloth bathrobes were dirty looking, old with obvious wear and so small they didn't fit around either of us.  The resort should junk them and purchase new waffle robes that come in bigger sizes.Towel quality was similar - 5 star resorts offer big fluffy towels. They should all be replaced with new toweling.
- Housekeeping wasn't up to five star standards. We would leave our dirty towels on the floor signaling we wanted them replaced. The towels were removed but not replaced. We had to call twice to have towels replaced. When they finally got it, the bath mats weren't replaced and we had to call again.
- There is a great mini bar with coffee maker but no milk or coffee creamer rendering the coffee maker useless for us.
- Food was excellent but if you arrive at the restaurants after 7 PM the waits were horrific - at least an hour wait regardless of the restaurant.   I attribute it to the fact there is no buffet restaurant open for dinner, only breakfast and lunch.  The largest restaurant on property, Le Marche, is their buffet and these waits could be avoided if they opened the buffet for dinner.  We also didn't always want a big sit down meal every night and would have welcomed the buffet restaurant.
- The property is so large that it is difficult to get around. Our room was in building five and at least a five minute walk to the restaurants. When we checked in, we were told all we had to do was call for the golf cart, but after we were taken to our room, we never saw a golf cart again. One night we waited at the lobby for a ride to our room - we waited a half hour before it arrived.  On the day we were leaving, we called to have a cart pick us and our luggage up for check out. We were asked if we were ready and we told them we were. We waited a half hour and no one ever came for us. We ended up dragging our luggage for a 10 minute walk to check out.
- We had a massage at the spa, which was excellent. When I was given a robe, I noticed the slippers were not new, they were merely washed and they looked dirty. Use disposable slippers or replace them.
- At our favorite restaurant on property, Ginger the Japanese restaurant, the service was terribly slow - almost two hours for dinner. After waiting an hour to get in, we waited 45 minutes between courses.  After the dinner course was brought, it was after 9:30 PM and I didn't want to wait another 45 minutes for ice cream. I asked our server to bring me the ice cream for dessert right away.  After finishing our dinner and waiting a half hour, the dessert still never appeared.  I finally told the waiter to disregard the request for the dessert and his response was "Oh, you wanted it already? You don't want to relax?" There were only two waiters for the entire restaurant. We also found the Restaurant Manager to be very inflexible. There are Hibachi tables that you must make reservations for. We witnessed an incident where one of the tables had four empty seats because whoever reserved them never showed up. A party of four asked if they could take those seats and the Manager refused, saying they didn't have reservations. So the four seats went unused. We didn't see poor or slow service like this at any of the other restaurants.

None of this ruined our stay and I would come back to Valentin Maya in a heartbeat. For the price it is an excellent value.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Destination Weddings-What You Need To Know About Legal Requirements

Ah, the romantic notion of a destination wedding in a villa in Italy. Or standing barefoot on a beautiful beach in Mexico, Jamaica or any other Caribbean Island. Maybe you've dreamt of being married while on a cruise.

All these scenarios are possible and can save quite a bit if money versus a wedding in your hometown. With all the planning that goes into a destination wedding, one thing the bride and groom need to keep in mind are the legal requirements for a marriage by non-citizens in foreign countries.

In every location outside the United States or a U.S. territory, a passport is required (and some require a tourist card which you usually get on the airplane), certified birth certificates may be needed, and if the bride or groom have been married before,certified copies of a divorce decree which may need to be translated into the native language of the country you are marrying in or a certified death certificate is one party has a deceased spouse. Other documents can be required as well. And these requirements will add to the cost of your wedding. You will also need witnesses with the number

Mexico's legal requirements are some of the most stringent. In addition to the above, the wedding couple must arrive in Mexico three to four days before their wedding ceremony as there is a waiting period depending in the state you are marrying in. You also may be asked for a certified copy of birth certificates that have also been translated into Spanish. The legal ceremony also must be performed in  a local registrars office in Mexico to be recognized as legal in the U.S.  You will receive a Marriage Certificate that you must paybto have translated into English to bring to your City Hall to have your marriage registered. Mexico also requires a Health Certificate with blood tests that are generally done at your resort with results usually in 24 hours. Again, additional costs for these.

As if this isn't enough, the United States Department of State requires that all weddings performed in Mexico have what is called an Apostille Seal. Most wedding Coordinators on site in these countries can arrange this for you but there are additional costs.

Other Caribbean countries do not have these requirements. In St. Lucia, for instance you must arrive four days before your wedding with passports, birth certificates and divorce decrees or death certificates if married before.

European Countries have their own requirements. In Italy, for instance, the United States website states these needs:

1. U.S. passport or, if a member of the Armed Forces, identification card;
2. Birth certificate (certified copy), which shows the names of both parents;
3. Evidence of termination of any previous marriage (final divorce or annulment decree or death certificate);
4. Sworn statement of consent to the marriage by the parents or legal guardian if the American citizen is under 18;
5. A declaration (atto notorio) , sworn to by four (4) witnesses before either an Italian consular officer in the United States or, in Italy, at a Pretura or before a mayor or town clerk, stating that according to the laws to which the citizen is subject in the United States there is no obstacle to his or her marriage. Any American going to Italy to be married is urged to obtain this declaration before leaving the United States as it may be much easier to find four witnesses who know him or her sufficiently well to make such a declaration in the United States rather than in Italy.
6. A declaration, sworn to by the U.S. citizen before a U.S. Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Italy, stating that according to the laws to which the citizen is subject in the United States there is no obstacle to his or her marriage. Evidence of U.S. citizenship (passport, naturalization certificate, birth certificate showing birth in the United States) must be shown to the U.S. Consular Officer at the time of making this declaration. U.S. military personnel must also present final approval of his/her commanding officer for the marriage. Presentation of this declaration allows Italian authorities to reduce from three weeks to approximately four days the time you must wait before being granted a marriage license.

Confused? This is why a travel agent an be your friend when booking a destination wedding. We can help sort through all the requirements so you understand exactly what you need to get married out of the U.S. We specialize in destination weddings and honeymoons. Call us at 516-608-0568 to book the destination wedding or honeymoon of your dreams.